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Local sources in Hasaka southern area affirmed reports which talk about the death of child Osama Obeid, 13, of injuries he sustained in fire bullets launched by members of Qasd after storming the child's house.
Three months following the initiation of the appointment system, the QASD also carried out a waiting time survey and it was found that the waiting time was drastically reduced.
SSIM IFS ESIM2 CLR QASD LCSIM3 LIVE PLCC 0.9449 0.9613 0.9613 0.9775 0.9602 0.9722 SRCC 0.9479 0.9645 0.9598 0.9661 0.9646 0.9662 RMSE 8.9455 7.5296 7.6656 5.0492 7.6334 7.0457 TID2008 PLCC 0.7732 0.8762 0.9026 0.8885 0.8877 0.9107 SRCC 0.7749 0.8840 0.8964 0.8806 0.8899 0.9113 RMSE 0.8511 0.6468 0.5947 0.6106 0.6178 0.5525 TID2013 PLCC 0.7895 0.8769 0.8804 0.8817 0.8894 0.8307 SRCC 0.7417 0.8510 0.8990 0.8516 0.8657 0.8659 RMSE 0.7608 0.5959 0.5430 0.5862 0.5667 0.6201 CSIQ PLCC 0.8613 0.9192 0.9620 0.9606 0.9466 0.9624 SRCC 0.8756 0.9310 0.9606 0.9573 0.9516 0.9704 RMSE 0.1334 0.1034 0.0729 0.0728 0.0846 0.0634 w.a.
Another meaning of the term qasd is goal, aim, objective, direction and purpose, and morphologically, the term iqtisad, which is derived from 'qasd', has also the meaning of "seeking out or realizing the purpose of something." For believers, the idea here is that apart from the immediate worldly and pragmatic purpose or objective, there is also a transcendent ethico-moral purpose (grounded in divine revelation) in anything that we do or seek in this temporal life.
Bejou (Damascus: 1993), 48-49, 53, 55-56; al-Qinawwji, Qasd al-sabil, 66-67.
In a statement, Qasd stressed that these cells are directly responsible for "spreading terror and chaos and spreading strife and unrest" among the people of al-Raqqa./ End
Brill, 1892), 185.13f.: "The existing things correspond to the objects of [God's] knowledge according to the best order--without a motivating intention (min ghayr inbi'ath qasd) on the side of the First Being, the Truth, and without Him seeking (talab) something."
Civil and media sources said that members of Qasd militia launched an arrest campaign in a number of Deir Ezzor villages, besieging, under support of the US-led coalition warplanes, al-Tayaneh town to the south-east side of al-Mayadeen and storming it amid heavy fires.
Talking to Business Bhutan, the Deputy Chief of Quality Assurance and Standardization Division (QASD), Jigme Choden, said following the Royal Audit Authority's performance audit of the Hospital, it was revealed that the waiting time for a patient was almost two hours against the target of 30 minutes.
As a matter of fact, Ibn Abl al-Dunya devotes three chapters on qasd (prudence, thriftiness, moderation, frugality) in wealth, food and clothing.
He affirmed that the situation in al-Houl camp in the north-east of Syria is similar to that bad situation of al-Rukban one as it is subjected to Qasd militia which is affiliated to the US.
Haska, SANA-Militias of "Qasd," supported by US occupation authorities, on Wednesday opened fire at a popular demonstration of families who protest against Qasd practices at al-Arish camp in Hasaka countryside.