QASEQuality Assurance for Stem Cell Enumeration
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Na vilavilairevo,na kena bibi vei keitou na yavusa o Sawau baleta e isolisoli e soli vei ira na neitou qase ena gauna e liu, ka keitou se saga tiko ga me keitou maroroya ena vuku ni kena isolisoli bibi baleta ni sega tale ni dua na vanua e caka tiko kina na vilavilairevo ka keitou ga na yavusa qo ka keitou vakayacora tiko ya gona, ya na kena bibi kina vei keitou na vilavilairevo...
Ancestors (vu and qase) as well as other spiritual beings (mostly referred to as tjimoni or tevoro) are connected to specific places called vanua tabu, or forbidden places, where they have their abode, e.g., a spot in the reef or an old house foundation.
My friend answered that taking the soil was an act of taking away the cala ('sins') of the qase ('elders,' 'ancestors').
(13) The 'eldest' men of these groups (na qase) became de facto stewards of distributable land.