QASSQuantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences (UK)
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This is a more complicated exercise because, as Armstrong recognizes, not every statement uttered by a qass is a qissa (pl.
It's the festive season in general and celebrations start from the second to the 25 th of the month," El Qass said.
Contemporary QASs are largely aimed at using natural language processing techniques to answer questions pertaining to useful facts about the world such as places, movies, historical figures, and so on.
A series of quaternary ammonium salts (QASs) was synthesized using melamine and sodium chloroacetate as raw materials.
Further, QASS is currently preparing the green building code, which is expected to be ready by the end of this year.
Damascus: A mortar fired on the central Damascus district of Qass has damaged a Roman Catholic church, a pro-regime newspaper said on Monday, blaming "terrorists" for the hit.
Similarly, the story teller (qass) has appeared in the mosque with the same protreptic or with his improvisations on the lives of prophets or saints in which he has revealed the vices of society and the illusory values of earthly existence.
They preached mainly morality in the vernacular using proverbs and folk tales--a comparison of these sermons with those of the Christian friars, or the preaching of the Islamic wa'iz or qass could illuminate the extent and nature of differences and similarities in the cultures, the subject matter of their sermons, and their pastoral concerns.
CNAF Guidance: QARs, QAOs and QASs are required to attend the Naval Aviation QA Administration Procedures Course D/E 555-0046 (older classes are acceptable).
But YouGov put the Lib Dems in the lead on 34%, three ahead of the Tories who were down two on 31%, while Labour qass down one on 26%.
Such directors as Youssef Chaine in his last film Heya Fawda (Chaos, 2007, co-directed with Khaled Youssef), Khaled Youssef in Heena Maysara (Until Better Times, 2007), Hala Khalil in Qass we Lazq (Cut and Paste, 2006), and others have portrayed and criticised the new reality of the lack of space and its impact on reshaping gender relations, particularly with regards to questions of love, marriage, and sexuality.
The concept of tethering quaternary ammonium salts (QASs) to a crosslinked polysiloxane matrix to produce a hybrid antifouling/fouling-release coating was investigated.