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QATQuality Assurance Team
QATQuality Action Team
QATQatar (ISO 3-letter country code)
QATQuick Access Toolbar (computing)
QATQuality Assurance Technician
QATQuick Action Team
QATQualification Approval Test
QATQualification Acceptance Test
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However, here we see more cases among people chewing betel and qat leaves."
As with any icon on the QAT, you can hover over them and read the tooltip.
Much of Yemen's scarce agricultural land and water supply is devoted to qat production, and many families in the impoverished nation report spending over half their income on the narcotic.
Mohammad Al-Ghubari, former secretary general of the Autma reserve, describes the increase in qat cultivation as the single biggest threat to the reserve's stability and preservation.
BEIRUT: Lebanese authorities at Beirut's international airport Sunday foiled an attempt to smuggle a quantity of qat into the country from Ethiopia.
"The border patrols in Jizan were able to arrest 245 foreigners from various nationalities trying to enter the kingdom illegally, 17 smugglers, 8,309 kilograms of qat, 160 kilograms of fireworks, 147 sheep, five cars, a motorcycle and other items," the police said, quoted by local daily Okaz on Tuesday.
A photo released by the Observatory showed Qat's face with his mouth and jaw bloodied and destroyed, as well as a bullet wound in his neck.
MOBI has agreed to provide a first priority secured bridge loan to QAT to a maximum amount of CDN $800,000 in order to assist QAT in meeting the normal course obligations until the closing of the Transaction.
Qat refers to the young leaves and shoots of the qat tree, cultivated in
Police nabbed a 21-year-old Yemeni for possessing 30kg of qat leaves at a taxi stand in the Malaysian town of Changlun.
Officials and international experts blame Yemen's water problem largely on qat, a mild narcotic plant that is chewed by the majority of Yemeni men.
Seniors: Abdulla Al Muayen (KUW) received bye; Ali Al Ramzi (KUW) bt Taher Al Baitan (KSA) 3-0; Mohammed Masood (QAT) bt Yousef Al Hamad (BRN) 3-2; Nayef Abu Rakka (KSA) bt Ahmed Abu Rakka (KSA) 3-0; Nasser Al Ramzi (KUW) bt Osama Ebrahim (BRN) 3-0; Abdulrahman Al Malki (QAT) bt Ali Al Sowayed (QAT) 3-0; Mohammed Al Saif (KSA) bt Hussain Khalil (BRN) 3-1; Mohammed Yacoob (KUW) bt Hisham Al Khan (BRN) 3-0.