QATSQuality Audit Tracking System (Lyons Information Systems, Inc.; Raleigh, NC)
QATSQuality At the Source
QATSQuality Assurance Test System
QATSQuality Assurance Tracking Sheet
QATSQuality Assurance and Test Services (software programs)
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Upholstery: If your dog has an accident on upholstered furniture, use a carpet-cleaning agent with QATS to clean the area, then allow it to dry (always spot-test for discoloration in a tiny area first).
Expandium's quality management system, QATS Railway, measures the quality of service in real time and includes all the latest technologies under the European Train Control System (ETCS) and GSM-R standards.
5 clients were added in BFSI, 1 in Travel and Transportation, 3 in BPO, 2 in ERP and 2 in QATS.