QATTQualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (US DHS)
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Client Name : Social Development Society in Qatt Resort at Al Ashraf Al Gharbiya Village in Qena, The Cashier
Gizimin li Qatt ma Jiftah is set in the late fifties, whereas It-Tfal Jigu bil-Vapuri and La Jibbnazza Nigi Lura reconstruct the early decades of the twentieth century and years later, namely phases of the British period.
The house will include a 'Majlis area' showcasing the work of Sara Maiman; 'Photography Room' by Khlood Alkhaldi, Moath Alofi and Abdulrahman Aldgelbi; an 'Asiri/Al Qatt Room' by Ibraheem Alalmai and Nouf Binshaieg; the 'Embroidery/Stitching Room' by Mashail Faqeeh and Nojoud Alsudairi; 'Calligraphy & Graffitti Room' by Ayman Alhafith, Maha Al-Ghanmi and Maryam Abushal; and Aeysha Enani; there are also two rooms dedicated to portraiture -- the 'Abstract Portrait Room' by Mudi Albednah, Sara Alshobaili and the 'Egal Room' by Mohanna Tayeb.
Qatt was shot twice, in the thigh and leg, and was transferred to Al-Rai Hospital in Sidon.
They were tracked and arrested in the Al Rusayl area and found in their possession four bags containing 597 stacks of Qatt weighing more than 103 kilograms, and 7 plastic rollers of heroin.
The other films included in the lot are: Qatt from Oman by Al-Muntaser Bellah Al-Amri and Mohammed Al-Subhi; A Falcon, A Revolution from Qatar by Jassim Al Romaihi and Md Reswan Al Islam; O- from Iraq, directed by Yaser Hameed; and Snap Shot: A Trekking Man by Tareq Yosef Aldakheelallah from Saudi Arabia.
Some of his most famous tunes include "Andak Baharia" (You Have Sailors), which speaks of Lebanon's proud seafaring history and "Lubnan, Ya Qatt Sam" (Oh Lebanon, Piece of Heaven).
Films to be shown at the festival include "1991," "Al Qatt," "Bilal," "Zeina's Cake," "Luba Colors," and "Hudu Mountasaf El Layl."
Aden, Rajab 15, 1438, April 12, 2017, SPA -- Al-Houthi and ousted Saleh coup militias have violated more than 750 mosques in Yemen ranging from complete bombing, shelling by heavy weapons, and looting their contents, in addition to using some mosques as places for eating Qatt and barracks for armed militias of Al-Houthi and ousted Saleh.
The Guards' Spokesman in the region Brigadier Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Mahfouz pointed out that the operations included 23,441 ammunition; 414 weapons; 249 magazines; 207 narcotic pills; 65,394 kilograms of Qatt; 1,067 kgs Hashish; 5,885 infiltrators; 225 smugglers; 670 kilograms of foodstuffs; 365 kilograms drugs; 7,222 kilograms fireworks; 52 mobile devices; SR 81,388; 35,700 Yemeni Riyals; and 11" mobile chips.
The media spokesman of the administration Jamal Al-Qahtani announced that the 2,610 of ammunition rounds, 7 bags of empty bullets, 23 different pieces of weapons, 21 different gun stores, 116 boxes of fireworks, 8,885 kg of Qatt, 931 kg of hashish, 131 jerry cans of wine, 77 bottles of wine, 839 boxes of foodstuffs.
The spokesman of Interior Ministry Colonel Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Mahfouz announced that the drugs and psychotropic substances captured in these operations consist of 212,706 kg of Qatt, 245 bottles of wine, 43 different pieces of weapons, 6,378 of ammunition rounds, 1,979 kg of different foodstuffs, 4,227 head of cattle, 2,879 kg of snuff, 190 kg of tobacco materials, 2,726 kg fireworks, 245 narcotic pills and 1,603 kg of hashish.