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He said that QAW would start its flights from Faisalabad from July 17 and for this purpose a function would be arranged in consultation with the FCCI.
Similarly, the introductory fare will also be very competitive but we will never compromise on our services and facilities, he said and added that QAW was a 5-star airline that is also providing 7 star facilities to its valued clients.
The theme of this year's concert was 'Stallions' Values' highlighting the core values of QAW, which are ingrained in the school's mascot 'Stallions'.
Another nice presentation came from the Grade 2 students in the form of a piece called 'Follow your Dream' while the Stallions chorus number 'Make New Friends' were part of many nice pieces that were played by the QAW students.
Thus, the purpose of this study was to determine the magnitude and time course of the Qaw response to exercise in subjects with and without asthma to test the hypothesis that asthmatics have an attenuated Qaw response.
Airway Blood Flow (Qaw): We measured Qaw with a previously validated soluble inert gas uptake method (13,15) that is based on quantifying the disappearance of the soluble gas dimethylether (DME) from the anatomical dead space.
Musallas: Al Muaijai, Musalla Eid Al Salamt, Musalla Eid Al Shabya, Musalla Eid Al Shouaib, Musalla Eid Al Tawaya, Musalla Eid Al Dhaher, Musalla Eid Al Faga, Musalla Eid Al Fawah, Musalla Eid Al Qatara, Musalla Eid Al Markhanya, Musalla Eid Al Matawah, Musalla Eid Al Maqam, Musalla Eid Al Wasat Al Madinah, Aoud Al Touba, Musalla Eid Al Hair, Musalla Eid Um Ghafa, Musalla Eid Al Qaw, Musalla Eid Zakhaer, Musalla Eid Sawihan, Musalla Eid Al Wagan, Musalla Eid Wasat Al Madina, Al Nayadat, Musalla Eid Mazyad, Musalla Eid Haili Musbah, Musalla Eid Haili Khalif, Musalla Eid Khabisi and Musalla Eid Al Yahar.