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"Azerbaycani Qaz idxal Eden olkeden Qaz ixrac Eden olkeye cevirdi", Azerbaycan Prezidentinin Resmi Internet Sehifesi, (
In 1956, Al Qaz asked Al Majid to travel with him to Kuwait to trade in that lucrative market.
The hackers are believed to have used the Qaz worm, which features at number 4 in this month's top ten.
Experts said the hackers accessed Microsoft's system by e-mailing software, called QAZ Trojan, to the company's network and then opening a so-called back door into an ' infected' computer.
Microsoft may have been victim of a Trojan horse program - known as QAZ - that infiltrated computer systems in Seattle, USA.
"The ISIL had previously done the same in the villages of al-Wahij, Albu Qaz and al-Baraziyeh to use them as human shield or as fighters," the source went on to say.
His charitable works started almost 60 years ago when he and his partner Mohammad Al Qaz organised free transport for school students after he came across a group of children waiting to get home one afternoon as he was travelling from Sharjah airport.
Anyone can get the Qaz virus that was used in the hack and, if you look at all the online hacking links, you'll also get the - probably teenage - culprits around the same time as the FBI, because someone in that community will clipe.
A variety of kababs (grilled meat or poultry) such as kabab-e-mazandarani, seeka kabab, qaz kabab,(or duck kabab), tazeh kabab, heli kabab, kabab-e-mahi kafal (or a type of fish kabab) etc.; various types of kookoo (or a type of dish having a combination of eggs with vegetables, meat or fish) such as, kookoo badkubehyi, kookoo sabzi, baqala kookoo, kookoo gilani, kookoo mahi or fish etc.
Abdullah Mohammed Al Qaz Al Falasi was honoured in his support for the spirit of the Union.
Mohammad demanded speedy implementation of the regulation under which Islamic 'Qaz' courts are to be set up in the region along with a 'Darul Qaza" or appellate court to hear appeals.
A variety of kababs (grilled meat or poultry) such as Kabab-e-torsh, Seeka kabab, Qaz or Duck kabab, Jujeh or Chicken kabab, Tazeh kabab, Heli kabab, Kabab-e-mahi or Fish kabab etc.