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QB VIIQueen's Bench No 7 (TV series)
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Kallan, for example, noted both Uris's immense popular appeal and what they perceived as flaws in regard to traditional literary standards, asserting that, "in short, Uris remains a reader's delight and a critic's nightmare." In her review of QB VII, Martha Duffy criticized Uris for a prose which consisted of illiterate shorthand, interlaced with editorials, sermons, and, finally, describing him as a crude novelist.
Uris also wrote The Angry Hills (1955), an account of the Jewish brigade from Palestine that fought with the British army in Greece; Mila 18(1961), a novel about the Jewish uprising against the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943; QB VII (1970), dealing with Nazi war crimes; Trinity (1976), a chronicle of a Northern Irish farm family from the 1840s to 1916; The Haj (1984), depicting the lives of Palestinian Arabs from World War I to the Suez war of 1956; and Mitla Pass (1988), an account of the Sinai campaign of 1956.
Reich; Hard Times, An Oral History of the Great Depression by Studs Terkel; Bech: A Book by John Updike, a novel; and QB VII by Leon Uris, a novel.
Armageddon (1967) describes Berlin life after World War II; Topaz (1967) is a spy novel; and QB VII concerns a libel trial in Queen's Benchcourt.
Alan's career extended into the 1980s, with TV roles in the mini series QB VII and The Paper Chase.