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QB1Quantum Battery 1 (camera flash battery)
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We believe the new Superstar X-Factors really bring the biggest NFL stars to life and make them feel like the elite players they truly are, and we're excited for fans to check out our new career campaign in Face of the Franchise: QB1. Together these features deliver new ways to play that our fans have been asking for and lay the groundwork for some really cool innovations in the future.
The Martin QB1 Cleaner HD is engineered to represent the next generation of belt cleaning technology, delivering the cleanest belt and longest blade life--at the lowest cost.
The CE mark opens new international markets to the QB1 to benefit patients suffering from quadriceps muscle atrophy a weakening of the major leg muscles after ACL and total knee replacement surgery.
That is, those individuals may define QB1 by the fuzzy set {(.8/.2), (.8/.5), (.8/.8)} and [Q.sub.B2] by the fuzzy set {(.8/.8), (.8/.5), (.8/.2)}.
Table 2 Principle Component Loadings for the Batson & Schoenrade (BQuest) Items Batson & Schoenrade Quest Items BF1 BF2 BF3 Change Questions Doubts Religious views still QB12 0.72 changing NO belief change expected QB11 0.72 Expect religious growth QB9 0.70 and change Constantly question my QB10 0.60 beliefs Questions more central QB8 0.36 0.34 than answers Questions increased QB1 0.84 religious interest Questions increased QB4 0.83 importance of God Awareness of tension QB2 0.58 >asked questions Life experiences > QB3 0.34 0.46 rethink belief Doubting important in QB6 0.81 religion I value religious doubts QB5 0.72 Religious doubts upsetting QB7 0.67 [R] [R] Item is reversed scored.
The first KBO was discovered by David Jewitt and Jane Luu in Hawaii in August 1992 and is called 1992 QB1. This object was found 42 AU from the Sun.
Reduction of drying load (%) Coating Bottom layer flow Top layer 1 Top layer 2 Top layer 3 speed rate ([cm.sup.2]/s) [mu]t = [mu]t = [mu]t = (m/s) 74.4 mPa s 210 mPa s 493 mPa s 0.13 qb1 = 0.012 46.8 66.6 92.1 0.13 qb2 = 0.014 50.3 70.0 92.6 0.14 qb1 = 0.012 43.5 68.1 91.9 0.14 qb2 = 0.014 47.3 71.7 92.7 0.16 qb1 = 0.012 42.6 69.8 90.7 0.16 qb2 = 0.014 46.2 72.5 92.6 Average 46.2 69.8 92.1 Yu et al.
Mettler-Toledo's (Zurich, Switzerland) QUANTOS QB1 powder dosing instrument can accurately and automatically dose target weights in the range of 1 to 250 mg.
The music and game-playing gadget, called QB1 computer, was showcased at the Lift conference in Geneva last week.rederic Kaplan at the Swiss Federal Institutes in Lausanne said that conventional personal computers were too demanding, and people must generally sit to interact with one, and use both their hands and full concentration.
Of the Bolivian samples, three (QB1, QB5, and QB9) fell into the 'Japan' haplotype, while the rest were of the more widespread 'Korean' haplotype.
In March, NTN Buzztime debuted a website where registered Buzztime Network players establish personal player profiles, access detailed game play information and statistics, scores and competitions in a variety of games including Trivia, Texas Hold'em, QB1 Predict the Play Football and Race Day, and view player rankings and handicaps on network-wide, location specific and personal player bases.
The first trans-Neptune object, (15760) 1992 QB1, served as the source for the name "cubewano" (from QB1), which applies to the class of such objects.