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QBASICQuick Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
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This protocol was used for the solar cell monitoring station Qbasic code provided in the appendix to this article.
To run the program when it is in the editor, type RUN for BASICA or BWBASIC; hit F5 if you have QBASIC.
The model was implemented in Qbasic 3.0 for IBM-compatible PC microcomputers and the code is available on request.(3)
Indeed, the same is true of QBASIC, the new version of the BASIC interpreter now being supplied with Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0.
Microsoft's QBASIC, which comes with MS-DOS, as well as many operating systems, is the preferred BASIC language here.
While Microsoft's BASIC interpreter, QBasic, is still buried on the installation CD-ROMs for Windows 95 and 98, it is no longer available from Microsoft's Web site (www.microsoft.com), where you could download a file called "OLDDOS" that included QBasic.
Software was written by the first author in QBASIC for IBM PC compatible machines.
McDonough for providing me with a copy of their computer program in QBASIC (also available in FORTRAN) for calculating exact binomial probabilities.
HONEY was written in Microsoft QBASIC and transformed in an executable file by Microsoft QuickBasic.
Microsoft's editor is derived from the firm's QBASIC programming editor.
It is very similar to QBASIC but runs on Windows better and has more features!
Microsoft QBasic programs were written to calculate expected heterozygosity of various population crosses and progenitor contributions to populations.