QBCCQuentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives (North Dakota State University; Fargo, ND)
QBCCQuincy Beaches and Coastal Commission (Quincy, MA)
QBCCQuantin Binnah Community Centre (Australia)
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Please contact Pierre Geldenhuys Project Manager on pierre@honeywill.com.au with your QBCC licence and third-party QA certificate.
They are providing these services for more than 22 years and are QBCC certified as well.
A QBCC official told Gulf Times that with the company taking over the operations of the multiplex in Al Khor, the group now has a total of 35 screens in the country.
"Though the halls in the initial years attracted mainly Western expatriates and affluent locals, in the last 3-4 years scores of the country's Asians, including a large number of youngsters availed of the multiplex facilities and watched films on the CCD cinema screens," said a QBCC official.
The changes will see a return to annual reporting and a requirement for licensees to notify the QBCC of significant changes to their financial position.
The QBCC will contribute $300,000 towards the examination, which is expected to get underway before the end of the year.
In January this year, a consumer contacted the QBCC after a child was able to reach inside the fence and undo the latch and open the gate.
The LNP set up the QBCC to fail and we are making it effective, Mr de Brenni said.
It will give the building regulator the QBCC a line of sight to companies that may be in trouble.
Since the register went live on 28 March 2017, the QBCCs Building and Tradie Assistance Register has had more than 5,000 site visits.
Minster for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport Mick de Brenni said the changes to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Regulation would provide more flexibility to farmers and councils when constructing farm fencing.
Minister Enoch strongly encouraged anyone needing building repairs to source local tradespeople from the Building and Tradie Assistance Register on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website.