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QBDQueen Black Dragon (Runescape)
QBDQuality by Design (FDA Initiative)
QBDQuery Based Debugger
QBDCharge to Breakdown (semiconductors)
QBDQuasi-Birth-And-Death (process)
QBDQueens Bench Division
QBDQueensland Book Depot (Australia)
QBDQoS Bearer Descriptor
QBDQuickBooks Dos
QBDQuantum Barrier Device
QBDQuantifiable Backup Data (Earned Value Management)
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An L-arginine stacked repressible release matrix delivery system was successfully established and escalation was achieved by using QbD applying a [3.sup.2] central composite design.
In section 2, a two dimensional queue length process is represented by QBD process such that it is amenable for matrix analytical treatments and thus the stationary distribution of the queue length process and expected queue lengths are obtained.
One of the major impacts of using QbD principles in process development is the requirement to establish an acceptable quality target product profile (QTPP).
QBD Ink director Reme Grefalda remembers Montano's auspicious start, and how he racked up a variety of roles: as a menacing military goon in 'Hacienda the Musical,' as a runaway teen mentored by Rizal in 'Oyang Dapitana,' as a member of the firing squad that killed Rizal, and as a member of the tribunal in 'In the Matter of Willie Grayson.' Joe the actor also extended to being stage manager, stagehand and assistant to the producer.
While the six sigma concept is the standard in many industries, the quality by design (QbD) equivalent is becoming mainstream in the life science industry.
* How quality by design (QbD) is being used for analytical method development across the industry, including successes and pitfalls.
TDLAS can also assist with a QbD approach to freeze-dry cycle development and optimization, including measurement of vial heat transfer coefficient, resistance of the dried product layer to flow of water vapour and equipment capability.
Specific areas examined include simultaneous transient analysis of QBD Markov chains using a level-based recursion, interchange formats for performance models, automated analysis of simulation traces, and probabilistic model checking modulo theories.
For example, Novartis, which has collaborated before with MIT on individual PAT projects through the Consortium on Advanced Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals, has been working on a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the FDA since 2005 for Quality by Design (QbD).
APPROPRIATELY FOR A SYSTEMIC APPROACH that achieves its aims by applying scientific method to process, Quality by Design, or QbD, developed from a synthesis of management ideas that ranged from theory (Joseph Juran's reappropriation of Vilfredo Pareto's principle) to breakthroughs in statistical analysis (perhaps most significantly from Walter Shewart and W.