QBERQuantum Bit Error Rate
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For N = [2.sup.20], target FER = 0.04, and QBER = 0.04 after 1000 simulations:
In what follows, [gamma] as a metric of performance is used, but the UFER value will also often be reported because the (N, QBER, U_FER) triplet guides the choice of the frozen bits and impacts the value of [gamma].
The [gamma]_max value, 1 - 2xh(QBER), is the theoretical upper limit for [gamma] as N [right arrow] +[infinity] when a good set of frozen bits is used.
An empirical result in [12] indicates that the optimal value of [k.sub.1] is 0.73/p, where p is the estimated error rate (QBER) [12].
where S--percentage of raw key (Q) used for calculating QBER; L--number of bits leaked during the key reconciliation phase; A--length of the final key.
Our study reported comparatively better QBER but in purview of constantly rising numbers of SPR, concerted efforts are required in terms of ABER improvement.
QBER percentages are inadequate as per the national guidelines.
Analysing these data we can see that QBER value is approximately 50%, as shown in Fig.
Analysing these data we can see that QBER for BB84 with eavesdropper is approximately 64%, Fig.
This QBER is a potential indication of eavesdropping.
From this attack, Eve will introduce on average a 25 % QBER (3) in the raw key that Bob recovers.