QBOQuasi-Biennial Oscillation
QBOQuarterly Business Objectives
QBOQuantifiable Business Objectives
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In the fourth quarter, subscriber growth at QBO International accelerated to 58%, Beck said.
At the Pitch Haifa awarding ceremony (below), Antipara founder Aaron Hilomen (fourth from left) poses with (from left) Katrina Chan, director of QBO Itamar Gero,president of ICCP Senen Perlada, director of DTI-EMB Yulia Rachinsky-Spivakov, Israel embassy's deputy chief of mission Leah Buendia, assistant secretary for International Cooperation of DOST David Elefant director of ICCP Agnes Legaspi, assistantdirector of DTI-EMB.
NH: North Hemisphere, pC[O.sub.2]: C[O.sub.2] Partial Pressure RUV-B: UV-B radiation (280-320 nm), DON: Dissolved Organic Nitrogen, DOC: Dissolved Organic Carbon, ACC: Antarctic Circumpolar Current, ACW: Antarctic Circumpolar Wave, SST: Sea Surface Temperature, QBO: Quasi Biennial Oscillation.
Gravity waves are also thought to be the primary factor for the QBO to change its direction, but the waves don't seem powerful enough on Earth to affect the change by themselves.
Zonal wind shear between 10[degrees]N and 10[degrees]S at 70hPa, which is close to the tropopause, is used as an index for the stratospheric QBO [41].
A Brazilian Portuguese version of the OBVQ, Questionario de Bullying de Olweus (QBO), is also available.
While seasonal and inter-annual variability can explain much of the variation in disease incidence in these reviewed studies, periodic outbreaks of disease are more likely to be due to longer-term (inter-annual to multi-decadal scale) variability via the impact of ENSO and the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) as examples.
QuickBooks Online relies on the "QBO Ecosystem" (https://apps.intuit.com/] to provide advanced functionality with various apps to meet the individual needs of clients.
A number of exhibitors also launched their latest product lines at the show, including Holmach's new whip tool, AeroQbo, as well as its refining tools, Bilia for the universal processing system, Qbo. The OAL Group's Steam Infusion technology was also on show highlighting the revolutionary heating and mixing process that infuses steam into liquid food products in a vacuum.
Para mensuracao da queima de bractea aos 5, 10 e 15 dias pos-colheita (QBO), foi utilizada uma fita metrica para aferir as dimensoes das bracteas (primeira bractea de cada inflorescencia) no ato da colheita e as dimensoes queimadas (ressecadas) apos os 5, 10 e 15 dias pos-colheita; as dimensoes queimadas foram obtidas pela subtracao entre os valores aferidos no ato da colheita e a parte nao queimada, aos 5, 10 e 15 dias apos a colheita.