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QBPQueens Borough President (New York)
QBPQuickbooks Pro
QBPQuick Build Pathway
QBPQuality Bus Partnership
QBPQuality Building Products (various locations)
QBPQuality Business Promotions (UK)
QBPQueen's Bishop Pawn (chess)
QBPQuasibeam Profile
QBPQuality and Business Planning
QBPQoS at Boundary Point
QBPQuadtree Backprojection
QBPQualified for Ballot Placement
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The first decision is deciding on a theme for the QBP. Our past themes have included the Platinum Wedding Anniversary of HM The Queen, commemorating the RAF's 100 years, the 200th anniversary of UK-Bahraini relations, HM's Sapphire Jubilee as well as celebrating the diversity of the British Isles.
El objetivo general es optimizar un medio de cultivo para la produccion de biomasa celular del consorcio BIOYAF, para lo que se requiere optimizar el tiempo de crecimien to del consorcio BIOYAF en medio QBP, asi como los componentes del medio de cultivo QBP en funcion de la variable de respuesta: biomasa (determinada mediante el metodo turbidometrico-espectrofotometrico)
This year several themes fused together within the QBP celebration, commemorating important current and future events, such as the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic games in 2012, as well as the 15th anniversary of the British Council's presence in Macedonia.
REEVE & ASSOCIATES is providing site engineering, surveying and landscape design for QUALITY BICYCLE PRODUCT's (QBP) new Utah operations center.
In fact, the high cost of energy and current focus on the environment appear to be driving QBP's business today.
In the past month, Burley signed on a Canadian distributor, Norco Products, and two distributors in the United States - QBP and Hawley.Now, about 1,300 small independent bike dealers throughout North America will order through the distributors, instead of from Burley.
Comments: QBP is a very strong sheetfed phthalo blue.
Completed in 2003 at over 35,000 [m.sup.2], the largest shared lab building, the Queensland Bioscience Precinct (QBP), Australia, houses one university institute plus five government lab groups.
Texarkana's version of QBP rates forklift operators on the number of valid, invalid, and efficient moves, as well as average moves per day.
Things must be really bad financially for the UK government to cancel the QBP. The British High Commission came up with a really pathetic excuse for the cancellation.