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QCEQueensland Certificate of Education (school-based qualification; Australia)
QCEQuantity Crude Equivalent
QCEQueensland College of English (Australia)
QCEQuality of Customer Experience
QCEQuality Control Engineer
QCEQuantum Confinement Effect (physics)
QCEQuantum Computer Emulator
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* Percentage of students who achieved a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
* the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), the senior school qualification for eligible students (eligibility for the QCE depends upon students' attainment of a sufficient amount and quality of learning--see Queensland Studies Authority (2009) for more information)
QCE Labs' AnemaVite[TM] combines four ingredients into one capsule.
Bruno.David@arts.monash.edu.au; RM: GEOS QCE Brisbane, Cnr North Quay and Herschel Sts, Brisbane Queensland 4000.
(TDS) has announced the release of QuickCOM Enterprise (QCE) version 2.3.
With its D4 2.2 II and OV 3.2 QCe for instance, Mayer and Cie.
Students studying a mathematics specialism as a part of the Victorian VCE (Specialist Mathematics, 2010), HSC in NSW (Mathematics Extension in NSW, 1997) or Queensland QCE (Mathematics C, 2009) will be familiar with de Moivre's theorem and its applications to complex numbers (see the short discourse by Bardell (2014) for further details).
24 March 2010 - German photovoltaics company Q-Cells (ETR: QCE) and the other co-owners, including Norwegian firm Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (OSL: REC), have agreed to sell 100% of the shares in struggling mono-wafer producer Sovello AG to German private equity firm Ventizz Capital Fund IV.
Q-Cells SE (Q-Cells) (QCE.XE), a Germany-based solar cell manufacturer, is likely to invest around EUR150m in 2010, according to Chief Financial Officer Nedim Cen.