QCECQueensland Catholic Education Commission
QCECQuality Control Equipment Company (Des Moines, IA)
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I have tried to research the Internet for any piece of evidence against QCEC, but all I got was the fact that payments to it swelled last year.
QCEC even supported calls from the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) to penalize erring doctors involved in the scam.
For PhilHealth careless disregard for truth, QCEC is paying the price.
The PhilHealth Circular states that any institutional health care provider (IHCP) found in violation of the circulars shall receive feedback from them, but since it failed, they should be held accountable for what it has done not only to QCEC, but others who have legitimate operations as well.
Aguirre said PhilHealth already dragged the good name of the QCEC into the national limelight in the Senate hearings, which allegedly crucified the clinic in the eyes of the public.
But PhilHealth violated our right to due process and, in doing so, damaged our reputation beyond repair, the QCEC official said.
Earlier, QCEC accused PhilHealth of violating its own Circular No.
QCEC also looked into the preparation of students with disability before enrolling them at various regular schools.
QCEC members sought to maintain communication channels open with the Supreme Education Council (SEC) to get more information on such committees and see the possibility of including
QCEC also approved the creation of a specialised education subcommittee comprising of legislations and regulations team, quality and control team, projects and partnership team, and research and study team.
Edgardo Aguirre, QCEC Medical Director, said he and his institution have always been supportive of any effort to cleanse the bad eggs in their profession, but what PhilHealth did was arbitrary when it suspended the payment of claims due to them without following the legal process.
This is because eye clinics like QCEC have no choice but to stop catering to PhilHealth members because of PhilHealth's decision to withhold payments to them without any due process, Evangelista added.