QCEWQuarterly Census of Employment and Wages
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The QCEW data account for 94 percent of BEA's wages and salaries.
In reality, the CES sample estimates include sampling and nonsampling errors, and the QCEW census data include nonsampling errors.
Profiles for each district use QCEW and OES data; links to these industry profiles for each district are given below.
The QCEW reports the average number of manufacturing jobs being recorded within a given state in any given year.
The second set of data--data on wages--also comes from the QCEW database.
This project is based on merging existing BLS data from the QCEW program with publicly available data from the Internal Revenue Service.
Second, we argue that the QCEW and CBP data can be used as instruments to correct SDL-induced measurement error in analysis based on the QWI.
Using data from the QCEW, Figure 4 presents the national and California's manufacturing employment from 1990 to 2008.
For metro areas, they are a combination of the QCEW figures plus an estimate of the employment the QCEW does not include, excepting self-employment.
We focus on this month because the most recent benchmarking revised the SAE data from October 2012 to December 2013, but the QCEW is only available through September 2013.
Employment data under QCEW represent the number of covered workers who worked during, or received pay for, the pay period including the twelfth of the month.
A snapshot of the QCEW is the starting point for building the CES March benchmark level.