QCISQuality Care Insurance Services (UK)
QCISQuality Certified Insurance Services (Hamilton, AL)
QCISQuality Control Information System
QCISQueen Charlotte Intermediate School (Canada)
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The transcript of each focus group is coded for low comprehension of the QCIs. A total of 1,723 comments regarding the QCIs were recorded.
Overall, the Undesirable Event QCIs have the lowest comprehension, with rates of pediatric asthma hospitalization and rates of low-birth-weight babies the least understood.
Does Comprehension of QCIs Differ by Insurance Status?
Bolded items on Table 2 indicate those QCIs with 20 percent or more comments coded as low comprehension.
Acknowledged lack of information includes questions about the QCIs, consumer statements of their lack of knowledge, requests for clarification, and questions about the interpretation of the data.
Are deficits in foundational knowledge (e.g., basic definitions) a major barrier to understanding QCIs? Do consumers understand underlying quantitative concepts?
* Population-Based Approach (17 percent of low comprehension): QCIs are defined and compiled using a population-based approach across patients.
Eight QCIs with the lowest comprehension are selected for analyses at the individual indicator level.
Are there differences in "misinformation" versus acknowledged "lack of information" for the eight target QCIs with the lowest comprehension?
Data for individual target QCIs are consistent with the aggregated data of Table 3.
Misunderstanding of QCIs With the Lowest Comprehension
The belief that the plan has no role in the QCI's performance is almost unanimous for these poorly understood indicators, with percentages much higher than for the overall data with all QCIs included (e.g., 64 percent of low-comprehension comments for rates of low-birth-weight babies).