QCOQuality Control Officer
QCOQuick Changeover
QCOQuality Control Operations
QCOQuest Central for Oracle
QCOQuality Control Objective(s)
QCOQuantity at Captain's Option
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Con base en este se realizaron los poligonos existentes para el area de estudio, que arrojo dos areas geologicas, predominando Tog en el territorio con 85,33% y Qco con 14,66%, dandole un factor de peso segun la metodologia Mora y Vahrson de 2 para el caso de Tog y 4 para Qco.
Nos casos em questao, todas as mulheres militares sao do QCO e, portanto, pouco 'movimentadas' durante a carreira militar.
Anderson JM, Domsch KH (1990) Application of ecophysiological quotients (qCO and qD) on microbial biomass from soils of different cropping histories.
The analyzed qualitative and entrepreneurial factors are: developing an entrepreneurial culture (DEC), encouraging inovation and creativity (EIC), quality culture orientation (QCO), efficient procedures regarding quality assurance of academic management (EPQAM), competitional strategies on education market (CSEM) (fig.4).
Qco.Bureau, HAVING saved into pensions all my life, I find it objectionable that when I die my pension fund will be lost.
Qco.Bureau, My partner and I have been discussing life cover, but I think I may have some through my pension at work.