QCOSSQueensland Council of Social Service (Australia)
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employed in sheep/ Not listed 1.1 cattle/grain farming (%) Median total household 2,191 1,354 1,235 income ($/week) Median rent ($/week) 275 150 300 Average household size 2.6 3.5 2.6 Dwellings in need of 1+ 3.6 16.2 - extra bedrooms (%) * Homeless persons per -- > 150 69 10,000 persons Source: ABS (2013b; 2013c) * DoC and QCoSS (2011).
A second argument used by community organisations to claim resources from the state concerns the desirability of state investment in a growing industry with high social benefits (for example see QCOSS 2005b: 11; Tasmanian Council of Social Service 2005: 55,57; ACTCOSS 2003c.) This argument attempts to counter the neoliberal critique of welfare spending by showing 'why investment in community services, which is a social imperative, is also economically rational' (ACTCOSS 2003c, p.
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