QCRCQuebec City Reading Council (Canada)
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There is a need to do something about this in order to further prevent patients from sliding into heart attack or cardiac arrest," QCRC founder and executive director Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub noted.
While acknowledging the importance of technology such as an iPhone in delivering relevant apps such as those needed to monitor a patient's electrocardiograph (ECG) and send the message to the hospital via short messaging instead of rushing to the hospital, another expert from the QCRC Prof Robert Bonow cautioned that depending on such apps "is not too good and reliable" because people can have heart attack with normal ECG.
Dr Iacopo Olivotto, a member of the scientific board at QCRC, also said, "Qatar is actually proposing itself as a hot spot for research for the entire area.
The world-renowned cardiac surgeon explained that the operation will be filmed and modified accordingly for training purposes to train doctors at QCRC and the Heart Hospital.
Sir Magdi affirmed that aortic valve diseases are an integral part of QCRC research and the centre aims at transferring the results from labs into practical application.