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QCSQuadro Comunitario di Sostegno (Italian: Community Support Network)
QCSQuality Control Superviser
QCSQuick Change System
QCSQms Color Script
QCSQuality Control System
QCSQueensland Core Skills (exam for Australian schools in Queensland)
QCSQuality Customer Service (DISA)
QCSQuality Certification Services (Ohio, USA)
QCSQuality Certification System (various organizations)
QCSQuality of Care Standards (child welfare)
QCSQuisqueya Christian School (Port-au-Prince; Haiti)
QCSQuincy Community Schools (Quincy, MI)
QCSQuality Control Supervisor
QCSQC Solutions (semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, Billerica, Massachusetts)
QCSQueen's Colour Squadron (Royal Air Force ceremonial squadron)
QCSQuinte Computer Services, Ltd (Ontario, Canada)
QCSQuality Computer Services, Incorporated
QCSQoS Customer Server
QCSQuinte Counselling Services (Ontario, Canada)
QCSQuest Cyber Solutions
QCSQuality Control Schedule
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"Moreover, the changes would be locked in for up to a 10-year period until March 31 2027 with commercial operators having adjusted investment plans for the QCS making it difficult, if not impossible, to turn back the clock."
He claimed that, in the final year of the QCS, there would be a deficit of PS9.9m and NECA did not have a back-up plan in place.
This would help to find out the factors that have been responsible for QCs' effectiveness in such organizations as studied.
The NICB notes that QCs represent a fraction of overall claims traffic.
John Jenkins QC, head of chambers, said, ``To be elevated to the position of Queen's Counsel is a momentous occasion in a barrister's career, and to be two of only four new QCs on the circuit is a great achievement.''
A comparison of the Fortune 1,000 studies done in 1987 and 1990[4] shows that QCs are increasing (66 per cent of organizations used them in 1990) although the fastest growth was in the use of other types of participation groups (86 per cent of the 313 respondent organizations used other types in 1990).
During the first three quarters of 2011, the NICB received 74,944 QCs. During the first three quarters of 2012, that number increased to 87,684, and it increased yet again during the first three quarters of 2013 to 93,053.
When it came to policy type for California QCs, the most common (54 percent) was personal automobile, with other common policy types being personal property, workers' compensation and employer's liability, and commercial automobile.
James Burbridge QC, head of St Philips Chambers, said: "We are very proud to announce the appointment of three new QCs at St Philips.
Since then, QCs have spread to many organizations all over India.
The number of QCs in personal auto outpaced all other policy types, and has for at least the last three years.
It said the QC badge, also known as 'silk', distorted competition between QCs and junior counsel and solicitors.