QCSAQualified Cost-Sharing Arrangement (US IRS)
QCSAQueensland Christian Soccer Association
QCSAQuad City Salvage Auction
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Iowa-based QCSA Holdings will use the senior secured credit facility in support of its acquisition of sector player Salvage Direct, which auctions cars, trucks, boats, recreational and commercial vehicles on behalf of its insurance company, finance company, and rental fleet partners.
QCSA Holdings is a portfolio company of New York based private equity fund Kinderhook Industries LLC.
To successfully avert transfer pricing treatment, parties wishing to enter a QCSA need to demonstrate that each party shares a cost proportional to the anticipated benefits.
After a QCSA has been recognized under the CSRs, MNEs are still subject to ongoing documentation (99) and auditing requirements with regard to their QCSAs.
Like both the QCSA and CCA approaches, a simplified method for sharing headquarters services charges will reflect the economic realities of multinational corporate groups.
Through the use of reasonable methods of allocation similar to those upon which QCSAs and CCAs rely, each participant should be responsible for a share of the overall pool of centralized services charges in proportion to the participant's anticipated share of benefits received from the arrangement.
If two or more parties enter into a QCSA (as defined under Regs.
With facilities throughout the United States, QCSA Holdings, Inc.
I'm very happy to be a part of the growing team at QCSA Holdings," said Gordon.
We look forward to continuing to serve ISR's customers with the added benefits and resources of partnering with QCSA Holdings," said Jason Hemp, President of ISR.
Rick and Cam are trusted business advisors with unique industry experience," said QCSA Holdings CEO, John Lindle.
With headquarters in Eldridge, Iowa, Crashed Toys is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QCSA Holdings, LLC; the nations largest independently owned and operated salvage auction company, operating 7 salvage vehicle auctions and 4 Crashed Toys auctions in the Midwestern United States.