QCSCQueensland Corrective Services Commission (Australia)
QCSCQuad City Sports Center (Davenport, IA)
QCSCQuick Customer Service Centre (India)
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Interestingly though, the number of inmates at Borallon has been increasing (the daily average for 1994/95 was 339 and has since risen to more than 400) and this may suggest that the QCSC is effecting significant savings through its use of the private sector.
Total recurrent institution costs ($) 10.08m 8.66m QCSC overheads ($) 305,500 3.219m Less industry revenue ($) N/A 2.743m Total ($) 10.38m 9.136m Average daily number of inmates ($) 235 246 Institution costs/inmates/year ($) 44,170 Total/cost/inmate/year ($) 44,170 37,138
This research was intended to pilot further field research at Borallon, Lotus Glen, and Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centres, the QCSC and the Queensland State Service Union (QSSU) in January 1994.
If Borallon is opened and staffed by the QCSC considerable resistance may arise in any attempt to subsequently privatise it.
Apart from the legislative mandate to contract out the management of Borallon, the QCSC's own Directorate gave itself a policy mandate to implement private contract management in Queensland.
In December 1988, the QCSC called for expressions of interest to contract manage Borallon Correctional Centre.
These are periodical specific directives issued by the QCSC to correctional centres touching upon operational matters.
What is unique about the identification of standards at Borallon and the regulatory arrangements is the added factor of a contract for the operation and management of Borallon Correctional Centre executed between CCA and the QCSC. The contract to date has been treated as 'commercial-in-confidence.' The author has managed to gain access to parts of the Deed of Agreement for the operation and management of Borallon with the requirement that it be treated with an appropriate degree of confidentiality.
To date, access to contractual information, Commission audit documents, CCA policy, and financial information has been dependent on the goodwill and generosity of senior executives within the QCSC and CCA staff.
[sup.a] 98 inmates were employed and 72 unemployed at time of offence.- Section 21 - Right to Examine Records, provides a right to the Commission for free access at all times to all records including financial, maintenance, employee, and prisoner records generated by CCA; - Section 22 - Access to the Centre, provides QCSC, including its officers, the minister and persons nominated by the minister, access at all times to all areas of the centre; and - Section 29 - Not a Partnership, provides.
The operational audits involve an examination of the centre by QCSC audit staff and may include interviewing official visitors.
Selected routine instructions were also checked, as were employee performance appraisals, internal correspondence, and operational audits conducted by the QCSC on Borallon Correctional Centre.