QCSDQuakertown Community School District (Pennsylvania)
QCSDQuincy Community Services District (Quincy, CA)
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The participants responded to some queries from the communication officers of the listed companies and listened to their recommendations and suggestions to promote the disclosure practices and strengthen cooperation among listed companies, the QFMA, the QCSD, and the QSE for the best interest of investors.
Briefly, creation of a pledge over shares consists of a three-step process: registration of the pledgee bank by the QCSD, authentication of the share pledge and registration of the share pledge agreement.
The QCSD also provides related services, including registration, acceptance and transfer of government bonds and treasury bills (T-bills).
So far, Milaha, Ezdan Real Estate, Commercial Bank, Aamal Company, Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance and Doha Bank have received approval from the QCSD to enhance the FOL up to 49%.
Ownership limits for all listed companies are available from the QCSD website at http://www.
Al Mansoori thanked the QFMA and the QCSD for their participation in the meeting, highlighting the support of Qatar Stock Exchange to the companies in their efforts to develop the services provided to investors.
Commercial Bank had last year received the nod from shareholders to hike the FOL up to 49% and the QCSD had amended it to that effect.
199,000 shareholders) has been registered in the shareholders accounts at the QCSD which has provided the brokerage firms with special systems allowing them to know the shareholders numbers (NIN) and the number of shares allocated to them in order to facilitate trading process.
The new changes will be carried out pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph No (4) of Article No (2) of the Law, which provides for the treatment of the GCC citizens as Qatari citizens in terms of owning the shares listed on the QSE," a statement issued by the QCSD said.
The QCSD has, since 2 January 2014, assumed these functions, leaving the QE with its core function of a securities trading market, reports Al Tamimi & Co in a Banking & Finance Update.
Al-Mansoori addresses the seminar in the presence of other officials from QSE, QFMA and QCSD.
QCSD will perform all the activities and functions currently carried out by the central registration department (CRD) at the local bourse.