QD3Quincy D. Jones, III (entertainer)
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Synthesis of ZAIS QDs (AgIn[S.sub.2]-ZnS, QD3, and QD4).
In the sequence, the QD3 suspension was heated for 1 h at 100 [+ or -] 5[degrees]C to allow interdiffusion of [Zn.sup.2+] ions from shell into the core and annealing, leading to the formation of AgIn[S.sub.2]-ZnS alloys (QD4).
Jones III, founder of QD3. "The Heavy Men's Network is a fresh, exciting and powerful channel for QD3 and our audience."
31 DVD release, docu should prove a welcome addition to Quincy Jones' QD3 lineup.
when 14 Qxd5 or 14 Qd3 can both be met strongly by Nxd4.
R:c3 21 b:c3 Qd3. HITECH's reply was sadly necessary.
20 Qd3 Rd8 21 Ke8 Bc8 Qe7 Black's position is hopeless.
In this position White might have difficulties in the endgame but would be better off playing Qd3 in an attempt to exchange pieces.
Bxc3+ 12 bxc3 Qxc3+ 13 Bd2 Qd3 Black traps the K in the centre.14 Rc1Qe4+He must be careful not to be too greedy.
WHITE: JANOS WAGENBACH BLACK: PHIL ADAMSNimzo-Indian Defence 1d4 2c4 3 Nc3 4e6 Nf6 Bb4 Qd3 Janos is a dangerous over-the-board player but at postal chess his experiments are less successful 4 ...
11 Kd29 Qg6 10 d3 There is repetition after 10 Qf3 Nd4 11 Qd3 Ne6 12 Qf3 Nd4 Qg3+ Nb4 An innovation in a position previously thought better for White.
17 hxg3 fxg3 18 Qd3 Bf5 19 Qxf5 Rxf5 20 Bxf5 Qh4 and a highly complicated game ensues