QDHQuery Drivers History (police incident code)
QDHQuick Disconnect Hose
QDHQuick Doff Hood (respiratory protection hood)
QDHQuick and Dirty Hacks
QDHQuantum Data Hiding
QDHQuantum Dot Heterostructure (physics)
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Shannon's Information Index (I) as well as the expected heterozygosity ([H.sub.e]) of all populations was ranked in the following descending order of LQGC > QDH > JN > LQZGQ, with an average of 0.332 and 0.217, respectively (Table 2).
The genetic differentiation coefficients between LQGC and QDH population were the lowest (0.091) and exhibited the highest gene flow (2.510).
The QDH population had the most number of individuals with scattered distribution.
In terms of PPL, the QDH population was the highest, and LQZGQ was the lowest.
Sex ratios (males: hermaphrodites) in LQGC, qDh, and JN population were all 1:1 [11].