QDIDictionary (File Name Extension)
QDIQuality Distribution, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
QDIQualified Dividend Income
QDIQuasi-Delay Insensitive
QDIQuick Discrimination Index
QDIQueensland Diagnostic Imaging (Australia)
QDIQuality Demerit Index (Six Sigma)
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Even though the tax rate increased for some taxpayers, the types of dividends that are treated as QDI did not change.
The solution holds the promise to improve mobility, collaboration, increase productivity and save QDI thousands of dollars and hours year over year on IT costs.
The taxpayer pays $1,500,000 in interest used to purchase investment property yielding $1,000,000 in income and another $500,000 in QDI.
1) has shown that capacities for difficult to mix tread black compounds can be increased significantly when QDI is employed.
In the initial development and evaluation of construct validity of the instrument, the QDI was found to be internally consistent and stable over a 15-week test-retest period and demonstrated preliminary support for construct validity (Ponterotto et al.
The QDI is particularly interesting in that it deals specifically with attitudes and focuses on gender as well as racial/ethnic equity.
1275-6 hedge only if the resulting synthetic debt instrument has the same term as the remaining term of the QDI.
However, Fund management and the Board are aware that the expiration of reduced tax rates applicable to QDI may affect how the Fund pursues its investment objective to provide a high level of total after-tax return, including attractive tax-advantaged income.
PC motherboard manufacturer QDI has announced the immediate availability of its QDI P4I848P motherboard for use with Pentium processors.
The QDI intermediate can react with ozone to form a nitrone.
SEATTLE -- Verdiem today announced the results of a major new research study commissioned by one of the nation's largest utility companies and conducted by QDI Strategies which advances insight into significant energy waste within the corporate and government sectors.
PC mainboard manufacturer Legend QDI has introduced its upcoming range of Npact graphics cards that are based on the nVIDIA GeForce4 chipset.