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QDMQuality Deer Management
QDMMagnetic Heading
QDMQoS Device Manager (Cisco)
QDMQuantitative Debris Monitor
QDMQuality Decision Management
QDMQuake Data Merge
QDMQuality Device Manager
QDMQueensland Department of Mines
QDMQuantum Defect Method
QDM[not an acronym] Magnetic Bearing to A Station Under No Wind Conditions
QDMQuadratic Demodulator
QDMQuantitative Debris Measurement
QDMQuality Driven Management
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Buffer Status Estimation Module (BSEM) estimates the client buffer size and informs it to the QDM to prevent buffer underflow or overflow.
During the 2012 Andean field season at the Altar copper-gold project and adjacent QDM gold prospect, the 70 additional core holes completed, for a total of 27,280 meters, accomplished the Company's planned seasonal drilling objectives.
La priorizacion de los objetivos e indicadores cuantitativos ha hecho que los aspectos cualitativos hayan quedado ausentes en los QDM.
Young Entrepreneur Award Ymgynghoriaeth Madryn Consultancy, Pwllheli; QDM Aviation, Dinas Dinlle; Dwdws, Pwllheli.
Glasgow Sparks, CRM, is the President and Senior Executive Consultant of QDM Inc.
However, I can put my thumb on some indirect negatives of QDM.
A QDM co-op is a group of land-owners/hunters coming together and agreeing to practice QDM on their properties or leases.
It is no secret that QDM has caught on like wildfire across the entire South, and deer bigger than any of us good old boys thought possible are the result.
Shortlisted for the Finance Wales Small Business Award are Caernarfon airport operating company QDM Aviation, Flint-based signage company IS Group and Tommy's Hair Company, Ruthin.
It is to reinvest a fallow site to 5 minutes of the station and to renovate the urban center to reinforce the heart of the territory with a district of creativity and knowledge including: - A multimedia library 5200 m2SP (master of work City of Toulon) - A school of higher education of art and design: ESAD 5000 m2SP, (TPM contracting authority), - A KEDGE BS 5800 m2SP international business college (CCI VAR project management), - A 1400 m2SP digital incubator incubator (TPM contracting authority), - offices for the administration of the Dpartemental Council 83, 2200 + 1800 m2SP on the city Lazare Carnot and 5000 m2SP on the plot Vincent Allgre (project manager CD83) - an eco-neighborhood reference QDM (Durable Mediterranean Quarter) .