QDMAQuality Deer Management Association (Bogart, GA)
QDMAQuad-Division Multiple Access
QDMAQuantitative Debris Monitor Mission Alert
QDMAQuick Direct Memory Access
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If the habitat is poor, fawns just don't have anywhere to hide, so they are certainly more vulnerable to predation," noted QDMA Education and Outreach Specialist Kip Adams.
Heck, the QDMA has more deer biologists on their staff than almost all of the state wildlife agencies
Michigan doesn't have large parcels of land that the trophy-rich states of Iowa, Illinois and Kansas have, but many of the farming communities are forming QDMA co-ops where neighbors are forming a pact and adhering to standards that result in a healthier deer herd.
This marked the beginning of QDM in coastal South Carolina, and the birth of the QDMA in 1988.
The odds of a hunter harvesting a Boone and Crockett deer in his lifetime are one in 7,680," said Kip Adams, QDMA education director for the North.
The donation of these receivers and GPS collars by the Lehigh Valley SCI, QDMA and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is a welcome addition to our ability to more effectively monitor deer behavior and populations.
In 2008, Kip Adams, a certified wildlife biologist and director of education and outreach for the QDMA, collected recruitment rate data from around the country.
According to the QDMA report, "Feral swine can also carry at least 30 important viral and bacterial diseases and 37 parasites that can affect humans, pets and a variety of livestock and wildlife.
Alternately, software drivers for the new controllers can invoke QDMA (Queued Direct Memory Access), a new high-performance mode of operation that supports ultra-deep command queues with up to 256 commands per queue for each port, along with individual DMA engines for each port.
To make it even better, the QDMA partnered with Bass Pro's Land and Wildlife Expo, with great seminars and a super indoor and outdoor expo.
Quality Deer Management truly is the future of deer hunting, and I am happy to do my small part in helping QDMA educate deer hunters about being good stewards of the land and all the wildlife that lives and depends on it.