QDPCQuality Digital Processing Center (Photo Marketing Association International; Jackson, MS)
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The Expert Photo Center is a highly visible centerpiece of the QDPC program for the several thousand retail locations in the photo imaging industry certified as Expert Photo Centers," said PMA Executive Director Ted Fox.
The QDPC program was launched by Photo Marketing Association to increase awareness of making prints from a digital camera at the retail level.
The benefits of joining the QDPC program include the use of Digital AdMaker 2 for marketing purposes, a color window decal to indicate the ability to process photos from digital files, a copy and order information for the PMA Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography, and placement of contact information on the PMA Web-based lab finder at www.
PMA will direct consumers to QDPC labs through advertising, public service announcements and news programs, as well as the PMA Web-based "lab finder.