QDPIQueensland Department of Primary Industries (Australia)
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QDPI principal plant breeder, Dr Bob Henzell, says these new varieties will offer many benefits.
For the past 20 years, Henzell, and more recently his QDPI colleague, Dr David Jordan, have bred drought resistant sorghum by crossing plants containing the B35 or KS19 source of stay-green with plants containing other useful traits, such as midge-resistance and high grain yield.
The method comes courtesy of research by Dr Lynne McIntyre of CSIRO Plant Industry, and QDPI scientists Dr Yuezhi Tao and Dr David Jordan (both formerly of CSIRO Plant Industry).
The program is a joint venture between CSIRO Plant Industry, QDPI, the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (NT DPIF).
From the hybrids produced, two trial sites were established, at Southedge near Mareeba (managed by QDPI) and at Coastal Plains near Darwin (managed by NT DPIF).
Fusarium wilt was detected in Australia eight years ago by the QDPI, and its origin is a mystery.
Dr Curt Brubaker, Dr Helen McFadden and their colleagues at CSIRO Plant Industry and Dr Natalie Moore's team at QDPI are searching for a solution in the gene pools of native Australian cotton plants.
They reported their experience to QDPI officers, who requested an identification from CSIRO.
Once they had a positive identification, QDPI authorities moved quickly to limit the spread of imported fire ants in Brisbane and surrounding areas.
The second was that the simulator would use the Veej et 80100 nozzles widely used in previous USDA-ARS and QDPI research (Meyer and McCune 1958; Barnett 1977; Loch and Donnollan 1983a, 1983b).
Funding was provided by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, CSIRO and QDPI. Support also came from the fishing industry.