QDSCQualified Data Security Company
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American Express and Discover Card have endorsed this Standard within their respective programs and have indicated that they will accept Visa QDSC on-site assessments.
As a Visa QDSC, SecureState's security and certification services are at the core of their proactive and dynamic security program which exceeds industry regulatory standards.
As a QDSC, INS performs data security assessments that enable merchants to demonstrate compliance with CISP.
INS is pleased to join the QDSC program so that we can provide our extensive security expertise to help merchants and service providers meet Visa's CISP requirements, and continue to deliver safe, secure services to their cardholders.
To become a QDSC, companies must possess security assessment experience similar or related to the experience needed to successfully complete a PCI Data Security assessment, meet the stringent QDSC requirements and have a dedicated data security practice that includes staff with specific job functions that support the data security practice.
Calence's status as a QDSC is an integral component of the company's information security services.
As a Visa qualified QDSC, Cybertrust is authorized to provide Payment Card Industry (PCI) on-site security audits, ensuring merchants and service providers who store, process or transmit payment card data consistently apply PCI measures and controls to defend against data exposure and compromise.
As a QDSC, Cybertrust has met stringent requirements of financial stability, technical capability and industry experience, resulting in the qualification of Quality Data Security Professionals (QDSPs) authorized to perform PCI Data Security Assessments.