QDTData (File Name Extension)
QDTQuintessence of Dental Technology (annual publication)
QDTQuicken Data
QDTQuiet Drive Technology
QDTQuicken Dictionary
QDTQuark Dictionary
QDTQualified Domestic Trust (estate planning)
QDTQualified Disability Trust
QDTQuiet Drive Technology (Quantum)
QDTQuantum Dental Technologies (Toronto, ON, Canada)
QDTQuantum-Defect Theory
QDTQueisser Daten Technik (German telecommunications company)
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(QDT), today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate next generation cloud services on its 10 nanometer Qualcomm Centriq[TM] 2400 platform.
In contrast to the previously described QDT, which is more or less a statistical approach, the integral transforms are the mathematical backbone of spectral analysis.
The purpose of the present study was to identify further predictors of premature discharge during inpatient QDT for drug and alcohol dependent patients to thereby achieve better outcomes in terms of treatment completion for drug or alcohol dependent patients.
The expected future income is divided into three cases: (1) with probability qdt, the worker is laid off and has the value of unemployment V; (2) with probability s[[lambda].sup.e]dt, a job offer arrives; and (3) with probability (1 - qdt - s[[lambda].sup.e]dt), neither a new job offer nor a layoff notice arrives.
Atlas Copco's QDT Activated Carbon Tower filter offers a minimum lifetime of 4000 hours within reference conditions of 35 [degrees]C ambient and a maximum air pollution level of 0.35 mg/m3 oil at the filter inlet.
Amid these openings, QDT, a bar at 111 Reade Street in Tribeca, has closed.
A qualified disability trust (QDT's) is a trust created to benefit individuals who are disabled and under the age of 65.
Caplan, CDA, QDT, DRT, Baltimore, MD, continues as Trustee.
In addition, the company will be exhibiting Modco-engineered tooling, including QDT [quick delivery tooling] capabilities; HSK; VM modular quick-change and shrinker tools.
The results are seen every day in MODCO's Quick Delivery Tooling (QDT) program, which enables it to meet its own stringent requirement to turn quotes around quickly and accurately.
[Q.sub.avg] = N [integral of] Qdt between limits 1/N and 0
citizen is not eligible for the estate tax marital deduction unless the property passes through a qualified domestic trust (QDT).