QEDSQuarterly External Debt Statistics (World Bank; UN; various locations)
QEDSQuality Environment Dependability and Statistics (American Society for Quality)
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Few studies of existing programs had used either randomized trials or the favored forms of QEDs. Nearly all programs relied heavily on other kinds of QEDs, such as the comparison of the treatment group to a convenience sample--that is, a sample that is readily accessible to the researcher--of children or families in the community.
The HHS imposed an additional requirement that meant that only a fraction of QEDs would qualify as "moderate-quality." To qualify, a QED would need a matched comparison group whose baseline equivalence had been established at the onset of the study on the attributes of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and--where possible--the outcomes being measured.
Separate break adjustments are made to this series and to lagged vault cash at QEDS starting in February 1984, however.
The last two chapters of this technological tome are devoted to heterojunction physics and technology, and quantum effect devices (QEDs).
These findings are entirely consistent with our prediction that Lt[B.sub.4], and not [IP.sub.3], is used as the calcium agonist which is generated, acts, and is degraded locally and without diffusion over distances greater than 1 micrometer, to produce the space-time patterned calcium QEDs essential for NEB (3).
To better understand the process of [Ca.sup.2+] regulation, we need to know how [Ca.sup.2+] QEDs are generated.
Analyses of some of the pre-NEB [Ca.sup.2+] signal records proved inconclusive due to the high density of luminescent events coupled with the inherent uncertainty in an event's spatial location; i.e., the very brightest signals often showed overlapping QEDs, which were difficult to resolve and then analyze as discrete events.
Analysis and modeling of BOB and QED patterns show that (1) pre-NEB signals consist of large, structured populations of BOBs arising from the perinuclear region; (2) pre-NEB BOB/ QED patterns have inherent, nonrandom space-time structure; (3) no inherent structure is detected in three-dimensional uniform, random populations of events generated in models or empirically; (4) linked [Ca.sup.2+]i, QEDs occur in perinuclear microdomains; (5) space-time backpropagation of the BOB/QED velocity vectors demonstrate that there is no diffusion-related component such as an agonist-induced or calcium-induced calcium release acting at distances [is greater than]1 [mu]m in these signals.
[[Ca.sup.2+].sub.i]-dependent aequorin luminescence was detected as discrete QEDs at the preterminal side of the synapse following presynaptic action potentials.
IA, and as previously reported (5), double-labeling of the presynaptic and postsynaptic fibers with fluorescent dyes demonstrated that QEDs are localized at the active zones (9).
During that same time-frame, Boyce says, Mosley had a second job with QED Medical Physics.
A quantum emission domain (QED) is a quantal signal element within spatio-temporal and concentration space; the concept of a QED applied to [Ca.sup.2+] signaling at the synaptic pre-terminal (12, 13) and later for relatively thick (i.e., mitotic) cells (11).