QEGQuantum Energy Generator (electronics)
QEGQuality Enhancement Group (UK higher education)
QEGQuality Evaluation Group
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An algorithm developed by Quasi Equilibrium Grid (QEG) easily implements a discrete analogue set of QEM in a 1D and can be further extended to higher dimensions.
In spite of above equation, the QEG algorithm based on two more assumptions [23] that is known node cn is close to the QEM, although it is not necessary that it belongs to QEM.
The node collection which has been subsequently evaluated through (27), will be called a Quasi Equilibrium Grid (QEG).
In the QEG flight, the vertical component of acceleration and the flight path angle are assumed to be small.
Mathematically, it can be stated as in (9), where dr/dv is the slope of entry trajectory and dr/dv[|.sub.QEGC] is the slope of a QEG flight trajectory.
The slope of a QEG trajectory (dr/dv [|.sub.QEGC]) is expressed as follows where [H.sub.s] is the scale altitude:
Although in the presented problem a QEG flight is adopted, the associated path constraints cannot be assumed to be satisfied under disturbances.
QEG also manages portions of Vanguard Equity Income Fund, Vanguard Growth and Income Fund, and Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund.