QEIQuadrature Encoder Interface
QEIQueen Elizabeth Islands
QEIQuality Enhancement Initiative
QEIQuod Erat Inveniendum (Latin: Which Was to Be Found Out)
QEIQualified Elevator Inspector (NAESA)
QEIQuality Educator Interactive (online planning tool)
QEIQuincy Engineering, Inc. (California and Oregon)
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The QEI is a compilation of quarterly indices on production, gross revenue, employment, compensation, production per worker compensation per employee.
When QEI declares a project to be "turnkey" they stand behind it.
This is why, when QEI was terminated in April 2006, the BOJ's holdings of short-term securities, including tegata, fell sharply.
Treasury Department, acting through its Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) accepts applications from certified Community Development Entities (CDEs) for "allocation authority," empowering the CDE to raise capital from investors through Qualified Equity Investments (QEIs).
Apart from the two sectors mentioned, the QEI also covers real estate, manufacturing, electricity and water, trade, private services, mining and quarrying.
For instance, Krishnamurthy and Vissing-Jorgensen (201 l) find evidence for a signaling channel, a unique demand for long-term safe assets, and an inflation channel for both QEI and QE2; and they find evidence for a mortgage-backed securities prepayment channel and a corporate bond default risk channel for QE1.
The Bathurst Island complex (BIC) is located north of 75[degrees]N within the Queen Elizabeth Islands (QEI), Nunavut, Canada (Fig.
However, there is a subtle issue in thinking about different asset classes in QE: Treasury and agency bonds are clearly safe in the sense of offering an almost certain nominal payment (note that the government "takeover" of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was announced on September 7, 2008, before QEI and QE2, making agency bonds particularly safe during the period of QE1 and QE2); however, agency MBSs have significant prepayment risk, which means that they may not meet clientele safety demands.
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Studies using the CIS [Canadian Ice Service] digital ice chart archive are indicating a reduction in FYI [First Year Ice] in the QEI [Queen Elizabeth Islands] allowing more OI [Old Ice] to reach the NWP [Northwest Passage] and a southern shift in the Beaufort Sea pack ice.