QELCQuebec Environmental Law Centre
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All items on the QELC were presented along a 6-point Likert-type scale, ranging from 1 (I disagree completely) to 6 (I agree completely).
The resulting instrument, the QELC, comprises only 50 questions and was designed as a cross-culturally applicable questionnaire.
That was the motivation of the researcher to make the Turkish language validation study of QELC. Although the recent study represents only the language validation of the questionnaire next step will be the application of QELC to average and gifted students in secondary and primary schools.
We reported on a language validation study of the QELC. The language validation comprised three steps.
The confirmatory factor analysis furnished evidence of the construct validity of the Turkish version of QELC. Finally, we suggest the reliability and validity studies of Turkish version of QELC with a wider sample to be done in further researches.
A cross-cultural validation study of the questionnaire of educational and learning capital (QELC) in China, Germany and Turkey.
The QELC provides Japanese language courses for anyone above the age of 14.
Following the ambassador's speech, contributions collected from the QELC students for natural disaster victims in Japan were handed over to him.
Currently the QELC has 30 students and two professional Japanese teachers including director Kentaro Azuma, who has a long experience in teaching Japanese in Qatar.