QEQQueen Elizabeth Quay (Sri Lanka)
QEQQuality of Erection Questionnaire (urology)
QEQQigong-Emitted External Qi (immunology)
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In addition, the values of Qeq calculated for the pseudo-second order model are very close to the obtained experimentally, indicating that the interaction of biosorbent with the dye was relatively high.
Samples Models In natura Modified Pseudo fist Order [K.sub.1] -21.923 -6.45E-3 log([q.sub.eq] - ([min..sup.-1]) [q.sub.t]) = Qeq(mg [g.sup.-1]) 0.691 5.304 log[q.sub.eq] - [R.sup.2] 0.428 0.982 [K.sub.1]xt/2,303 Pseudo secondOrder [t/ [K.sup.2] 2.82E-2 3.17E-3 [q.sub.t]] = 1/ ([10.sup.-3]) [k.sub.2][q.sup.2.sub.eq] (g [mg.sup.-1] + [t/[q.sub.eq]] [min..sup.-1]) Qeq(mg [g.sup.-1]) 8.32 9.93 QeqExp(mg [g.sup.-1]) 8.15 8.72 [R.sup.2] 0.999 0.999 Elovich Qt = A + B lnt A -8.07 1.434 B 1.660 13.232 [R.sup.2] 0.769 0.920 Intra/particle [K.sub.id] 0.184 5.254 diffusion qt = (mg [g.sup.-1] [K.sub.id][t.sup.1/2] [min..sup.-1/2]) + Ci [C.sub.i] 1.351 6.792 (mg [g.sup.-1]) [R.sup.2] 0.997 0.997 Where: Qeq exp.
Qeq's protest highlights Israel's divisive practice of holding hundreds of Palestinians at a given time without charges or trial, usually over unspecified allegations of involvement in militant activities.
Qeq's fate was raised in recent top-level meetings, including talks Sunday between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and U.S.
Security Council last week that he is "deeply concerned" about Qeq and demanded that all administrative detainees held by Israel -- 584 as of December -- be either charged or released.Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, an advocacy group, said Monday that Qeq has been on a hunger strike longer than any other Palestinian detainee or any of the participants in 1981 protest strikes by Irish Republican Army prisoners held by Britain in Northern Ireland.
Qeq is in "unknown territory" medically because of the length of his fast, said Amani Dayif of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel.
Qeq twice received dietary supplements against his wishes or while unconscious, for a total of five days, according to his wife, Faiha.
Both Al Qeq and Allan were imprisoned under similar circumstances and were subjected to torture and humiliation while in prison, according to various rights groups.
Al Qeq, for example, is a journalist with no proven militant ties.
Last Thursday, the Israeli Supreme Court made a decision to "suspend" the administration detention order, on the condition that Al Qeq was not allowed to leave the Israeli hospital, where he was shackled to his bed for many days and nights.
Both Allan and Al Qeq are 33 years old; the former from Nablus and the latter from Ramallah.