QETEQuality Engineering Test Establishment (Canada)
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He says QETE has difficulty keeping members of the Canadian Forces informed of the services they provide.
QETE employees ordered red golf shirts to wear one Friday and posed for a photograph to send to the troops overseas.
We sent a little note with it saying, 'We're the folks at QETE, and we're back in Ottawa and you may never have heard of us but this is the job we do.
QETE also provides advice to DND and the CE regarding questions they have about technology, as well as international representation, and sometimes hand-in-hand accompaniment when procurement officials are dealing with industry.
2) to inner lagoon, calculated using QETE turbulence model with conventional and breaking wave boundary condition respectively.
Considering geometry shape of the study area and wind condition during numerical simulation, breaking wave enhanced turbulence kinetic energy was decided to be incorporated into the formulation of QETE turbulence closure by adopting Craig and Banner [17] surface boundary condition of turbulence kinetic energy equation.