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QFDQuality Function Deployment
QFDQuestion-Focused Dataset
QFDQuadratic Fisher Discriminant
QFDQuasi Fiscal Deficit (economics)
QFDQuilt Fabric Delights (North Brighton, Australia)
QFDQuality Functional Development
QFDQuantum Fluid Dynamics
QFDQuincy Fire Department (Massachusetts)
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Decision matrices were conducted, in order to systematically converge to the most plausible solution, taking the customer's ranking in the QFD as a basis.
These items are places in the matrix and a score is assigned based of the QFD methodology.
The last (sixth) stage of the improved model for the exploitation of passenger vehicles is the QFD, which shows the relationship between customer requirements and the technical characteristics of products or services (Figure 10).
An important benefit of QFD is its effectiveness in capturing, prioritizing and stabilizing customer needs.
Therefore, regarding the critical activities prioritized by the professionals, the expertise of the researcher on some of the design methods inherent to such activities and the fact that some design methods provide better results than a PDP activity, it was decided that QFD (Quality Function Deployment) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) should be implemented in the action research company.
The extent of the areas in which QFD has been researched has become so exhaustive that Carnevalli and Miguel (2008) investigated QFD research as a research topic itself [31].
When it comes to the innovative methods in different stage of the manufacturing innovation chain, after analyzing the market information, enterprises can rely on root analysis and QFD to search for new innovation point, so as to provide new ideas in product innovation and value realization.
QFD has been used successfully in academic settings.
Teniendo en cuenta las necesidades encontradas en la metodologia QFD para el desarrollo del potenciostato, se tomaron como caracteristicas principales del diseno del hardware:
O QFD pode fornecer dados importantes para ser utilizado junto com a TRIZ (Teoria da Solucao Inventiva de Problemas), que e uma ferramenta de auxilio a criatividade dentro do processo de projeto.