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QFEQuick Fix Engineering (Microsoft)
QFEQuad Fast Ethernet
QFEQuick Fix Engineering
QFEQuoted for Emphasis
QFEQualified Forensic Expert
QFEQuery Field Elevation
QFEQuest for Excellence
QFEQuartz Fibre Electroscope
QFEQuestion for Everyone (online chats and forums)
QFEAtmospheric pressure (Q) at Field Elevation (aviation)
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The President had attended the event of QFE to support education in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan.
(104) Additionally, a person may appeal a decision of the FMA to decline authorisation as an AFA or QFE under s 138 of the FA Act in the NZ District Court (NZDC).
QFE looks forward to supporting Bharti in realising the full potential of this world class business."
We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with QFE".
Rashid Al-Naimi, acting CEO at QFE, said: "We are excited to be making a significant investment in one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world.
QFE will subscribe to these new shares at a price of INR 340 per stock amounting to a total consideration of USD 1.26 billion, Airtel's statement said.
The company will issue 199.87 million new shares to QFE at a price of ` 340 apiece, 7.3 per cent higher than Thursday's closing price of ` 316.70.
"Qatar Foundation Endowment (QFE) announced that it has entered into a binding agreement with Bharti Airtel under which Bharti will issue 199.87 million new shares to QFE, representing a shareholding of 5 per cent in the company, post issuance of the new shares," the joint announcement said.
The deal is being channelled through Qatar Foundation Endowment and a source close to QFE said it would be an active investor in Bharti Airtel, securing a board seat at the world's fourth-biggest mobile phone company by customers.
Irma uses its weekly flyers, which tell of cut prices, to promote QFE But Ipland said that most customers are aware of the products' quality beforehand and go for the bargains.
The 'Electronic Shear Pin' facility integrated into Fairford's QFE series of soft starters eliminates the need for a mechanical shear pin entirely, according to the manufacturer.
If [A.sub.B]\[B.sub.B] and [sub.B][A.sub.A] [??] [Hom.sub.B]([sub.A][A.sub.B],[sub.B] [B.sub.B]), then the ring extension [rho] : B [right arrow] A is called right quasi-Frobenius extension (denoted by: QFE).