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QFIs Rules imposed the following ceilings on the investment of QFFI on Tadawul:
QFFI: Starting out as a producer of labor-saving equipment designed to efficiently and rapidly slice and apply pepperoni to pizza, the company has diversified product lines considerably over the years.
There will be more about the life and times of the founder of Blueprint Automation, a recipient of the Golden Ice Crystal and Knight of the Dutch Lion awards, in the next edition of QFFI.
A frozen food manager enthusiastically described to QFFI a classic fish pie, in which the mix is placed in a casserole and topped with a blend of mashed potatoes and cheese; and alternative uses of the mix as when it is layered with vegetables in a casserole or stir-fried with other ingredients.
"We are on the edge of concluding two major construction projects, which are dependent on obtaining the right guarantees to secure financing," Piet Meijs, head of business development, told QFFI. "This has moderated growth ambitions somewhat and made us rethink our business model a bit." The model, which has worked well enough to see the company rapidly expand from a single warehouse in 2002 to become the third largest operator in Europe with 12 facilities in four countries offering approximately three million cubic feet of space and over 500,000 pallet positions, has been based on leveraged capital access, long-term contracts of 10 to 12 years, and lengthy loan repayment periods.
We expect prices of chips to go up significantly," Herwig Dejonghe, managing director and ceo of Westrozebeke, Belgimn-headquartered PinguinLutosa, told QFFI, signaling that the negative price cycle for spuds clearly ended in September.
"Anyone who knows Philip," said QFFI Chief Editor and Publisher John M.
booth in the Taiwan Pavilion (E-mail: was busy when QFFI stopped by, but not so busy to prevent this writer from being served a plate of tasty breaded marlin steak and a side dish of Master Yu One Night Dried Pickled Ma-Aji.
The number of cancellations attributed to disruptive fallout from volcanic blasts and belches could be counted on one hand, Nancy Hasselback, president of show organizing company Diversified Business Communications, told Quick Frozen Foods International (QFFI) magazine.