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The QFI policy, first announced in January this year, will pave the way for qualified foreign investors, including Arab nationals, to tap into the vibrant Indian capital market directly.
"Our Hotspot 2.0 powered Qfi network helps us partner with any Mobile Network Operator, whereby their users switch to our network automatically within coverage areas.
QFI has awarded grants in the amount of $68,305.34 to MPS to support their Arabic programming during 2016-2017 and a grant worth $111,068.88 to Tucson Unified aimed at expanding their Arabic programmes and existing partnership with QFI.
QFI, the new investment channel opened up by the Indian government in the beginning of this year allows foreign nationals from 45 countries from across the world, including the UAE, to invest in Indian equities and debt instruments.
Indian financial and equity market experts who spoke on the occasion said that conservative estimates show that investments into Indian equities, bonds and mutual funds by foreign nationals under QFI route could cross the $ 10 billion mark in two years.
They will use their newly gained understanding of the region and incorporate their experiences in creating lesson plans, curricular units, and classroom activities, which will be shared with their peers through QFI's Al-Masdar platform of K-12 resources.
QFI is a London-based medical devices consulting company specialising in solving its clients' regulatory, technical and compliance challenges to enable medical devices to enter the global marketplace.
equities until the introduction of the Qualified Foreign Investor (QFI)
Jessica Combes This will allow the funds to invest directly in Saudi Arabia's stock market Franklin Templeton funds have recently become Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI) in Saudi Arabia.
"We have been facilitating the participation of international investors in the Saudi market and expanding access to international investors through the Qualified Foreign Investor (QFI) program in cooperation with the CMA (Capital Markets Authority), which was launched in 2015 and continuously updated since then to further ease qualification requirements."
"Guided by Vision 2030, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the reforms already introduced and in the pipeline so that we may continue to grow investor confidence worldwide and further strengthen the Saudi market." The Road to FTSE Russell Index Inclusion Saudi Arabia was added to the FTSE Russell Watch List in September 2015 following the introduction of the Kingdom's Qualified Foreign Investor (QFI) program, and was maintained at Watch List status in the organization's 2016 country classification.