QFLQuebec Federation of Labour (Canada)
QFLQueensland Football League
QFLQuality for Life
QFLQuoted for Lies (internet slang)
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Defende-lhe o sonho de conquista na conversa com Diogo do Couto ("E o rei que temos, e as coisas que sonha sao grandes, como dizes", QFL,I,4,62) e ao escrever a dedicatoria ("Grandes coisas sao estas que sonha el-rei", QFL,I,4,65), o que se coaduna com o discurso do texto epico, presente na ultima estrofe do ultimo canto, em que o poeta se junta aqueles que incitavam D.
88) It is no surprise, then, that Texas was also the battleground for an action brought by that state's Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee against Parsons Technology, the developer and distributor of QFL 8.
CLC president Bob White said that the relationship between the Congress and the QFL is akin to sovereignty association and "a model of civility - a model for others to emulate.
Led by BDC Venture Capital, a Red Herring Top 100 VC firm, the financing included all existing major investors, among them Propulsion Ventures SEC, The Solidarity Fund QFL, and Coveo Chairman Louis Tetu.
En el analisis de los petrosomas se utilizaron datos petrograficos ya existentes y para su clasificacion se utilizaron los triangulos establecidos por Petijonh (1987) para las areniscas, y para la procedencia el diagrama QFL de Dickinson y Suczek (1960) en Scasso y Limarino (1997).
The sandstones were classified based on the QFL triangle diagram of modified Dott (1964) version by Pettijohn et al.
QFL, Quality for Life[TM], the mark of product quality, reliability & traceability and sustainability.
Calls for an unlimited General Strike on May Day escalated as three key union leaders (Pepin, Charbormeau, and QFL head, Louis Laberge) received one-year jail terms.
The financing was led by BDC Venture Capital, and included all existing major investors, among them Propulsion Ventures SEC, The Solidarity Fund QFL, and Coveo Chairman Louis Tetu.
Codigo Descripcion Armazon normalizado Total de puntos - (matriz+cemento+poros) Total de puntos--(matriz que incluye Armazon para QFL materia organica y bitumen+cemento+ poros+accesorios) Qt % Cuarzo total= Qm+Qsed+Qpf+Qpd+Qc Qm % Cuarzo monocristalino F % Feldespatos= Fk+Pl+Fu L % Liticos= Ls+Lso+Lmm+Lmg+Lmc+Lv+Lp+Lu Lt % Liticos totales= "L"+Qsed+Qpf+Qpd+Qc Qpf+Qpd+Lv+Lp+Lm Liticos con afinidad al basamento QCh+Qs Liticos de cobertera sedimentaria cuarzosa Ls+Lso Liticos de cobertera sedimentaria inestable (Qm+Qsed+Qpf+Qpd+Qc+Fk+Pl+Fu % Armazon +Ls+Lso+Lmm+Lmg+Lmc+Lv+Lp+ Lu+Mic+Chl+MP+Opaco+Intca+Ints il) x 100/ (Total de puntos) % Intersiticial (Matriz+MatOrg+Calcem+Silcem+Fer cem+Uncem) x 100/(Total de puntos) % Porosidad Porosidad x 100 / (Total de puntos) TABLA 6.
The QFL also filed a complaint at the Bureau International du travail for "non respect of the convention de l'Organisation internationale du travail.
com), a provider of Mobile Policy Management and Enforcement (MPME) software, today announced that it received USD $2M from Skypoint Capital and BDR Capital, a venture firm created by the Solidarity Fund QFL, to support Trellia's growth strategy.