QFRQuarterly Financial Report (various organizations)
QFRQuality Financial Reporting
QFRQuality of Close Friend Relationship (cancer survey factor)
QFRQuick File Rename
QFRQuantitative Financial Research
QFRQuestion for the Record
QFRQuarterly Futures Review (US Army)
QFRQuality Fitness Review
QFRQuarterly Force Revision
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The patent pending QFR Zone (Quick Freeze Racking Zone) handles blast freezing needs completely differently than a traditional blast freezer, and saves money along the way.
That's what the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Tippmann Group is saying about its QFR (Quick Freeze Racking) Zone freezer.
1.0-1.2 1.2-2 >2 1 9 49 42 2 14 57 29 3 12 58 30 4 14 68 18 5 16 67 17 6 10 52 38 7 10 49 41 8 9 36 55 9 4 54 42 10 5 53 42 11 5 50 45 12 5 53 42 13 9 53 38 16 12 56 32 17 6 57 37 Table--5 QFR Percentage for the Respective Classification (Recalculated) Sample No.
qFr Martin Wood celebrated and preached at family eucharist in St Mary's Church last Sunday morning.
Values for fourth quarter 1983 were not calculated due to changes in the QFR administrative procedures.
My proposal is that the change to being demand driven can be accomplished through what I call quality financial reporting (QFR).
For example, the large die in Figure 2 has about 184 bonds and probably would fit in a 28-mm X 28-mm QFR Bypassing that package saves nearly two-thirds of the related PCB real estate.
Cicero had to keep reminding his brother to stay on his client's good side (me de retinenda Sesti gratia litteris saepe monuisti, QFr. 2.3.6).
He was rich enough to lend money to Quintus Cicero in 58 (QFr. 1.3.[3]7).
For these reasons, Simon Gilchrist and I decided to construct a panel dataset using information available from the Quarterly Financial Reports (QFR) published by the Census Bureau.
Similarly, beginning with the first quarter of 2012, BEA will begin seasonally adjusting inventory data from the Census Bureau's Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) that are used to derive quarterly estimates of the change in inventories for the mining and information industries.
Census continues to measure the manufacturing sector through other current program data collection efforts such as the Annual Survey of Manufacturers (ASM); the Monthly Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, & Orders (M3); the Quarterly Financial Report (QFR); the Annual Capital Expenditures Survey (ACES); and other products."