QFRSQueensland Fire and Rescue Service (AU)
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At first instance, QFRS was found to have owed and breached
have concluded that QFRS's actions were insufficient to violate it;
The senators' QFRs press for more details about what President Trump meant when he said drug companies would voluntarily reduce prices, which meetings have taken place with drug manufacturers to discuss these voluntary reductions, and how the Administration will ensure that drug manufacturers do not break any forthcoming voluntary pledges to reduce prices.
In their QFRs, the senators also raise serious concerns about potential drug price increases for seniors due to the Administration's proposal to switch Medicare drug coverage from Part B to Part D, and ask Secretary Azar for evidence that this will result in lower prices for seniors.
There is no other vehicle that has the size, capability or capacity of this new truck and coupled with our experienced QFRS officers, it is going to make an enormous difference.
QFRS Commissioner Lee Johnson said the Scientific Branch provides a 24-7 service to respond to incidents including fires, chemical spills and chemical reactions.
The QFRS highly values opportunities to come together to recognise the achievements of our staff and personnel and all medal and clasp recipients should take the time today to reflect on their achievements.
I would also like to congratulate Mr Marano for his dedicated service to the QFRS for the last 19-years.
Indeed, this sponsorship arrangement will also support brigades in the QFRS Caboolture and Ipswich districts in coming months, he said.
There s no doubt the QFRS Southern East Region has bore the brunt of fire and flood activity in recent years and this season has been no exception, with prolonged and incredibly demanding conditions.
QFRS South East Region Assistant Commissioner Peter Beauchamp joined Minister Dempsey in congratulating all staff and volunteers for their hard work.