QGAQueen's Gambit Accepted (chess)
QGAQuaternary Geological Atlas
QGAQueensland Government Acknowledgment
QGAQueensland Gridiron Association
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To avoid the meaningless and redundant itemsets that are generated in the evolution process of a QGA, a pruning strategy is proposed in this paper.
The QGA is also equipped with a tree search aimed at finding a lower and upper bound for tightening the binary integer programming formulation of the problem.
Theory of QGA. The genetic algorithm is a common method to solve complicated optimization problems.
Quantum Genetic Algorithm (QGA), proposed by Han and Kim [32], is a probability evolutionary algorithm combining quantum computing with genetic algorithm.
In 2002, Han and Kim firstly put forward the quantum genetic algorithm (QGA) based on quantum theory [19].
Hassan Al Naimi (pictured below), President of QGA, said: We are delighted to extend our 17-year relationship with our sanctioning body, the European Tour, for a further three years.
In 1996, Ajit Narayanan and Mark Moore proposed quantum genetic algorithm (QGA) which introduced the quantum theory into genetic algorithm.
Quantum genetic algorithm (QGA) is the product of the combination of quantum computation and genetic algorithms, and it is a new evolutionary algorithm of probability [9].
The optical absorption coefficients for the transitions between the ground and higher electronic energy states were investigated by some authors [17-20] using an approach which is a combination of Quantum Genetic Algorithm (QGA) procedure and Hartree-Fock Roothaan (HFR) method.
"Qatar Airways is one of the country's strongest brand names and a world-class organisation in its own right," said QGA President Hassan Al Nuami.
Representatives of the Qatar Golf Association (QGA) u which stages the event in association with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and title sponsors Commercialbank u collected the prestigious sponsorship award in the "Business to Business" category at a gala ceremony staged at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.
Organised by the Qatar Golf Association (QGA) in collaboration with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and Commercialbank, the 2009 Commercialbank Qatar Masters, presented by Dolphin Energy will be staged from January 22-25.